Why Is It So Difficult to Find an Occupational Health Provider?

Referring an employee to Occupational Health is commonly understood as a necessity for a company.

So why is finding an Occupational Health provider so bloody difficult?

Countless days are spent tearing your hair out over searching, only to come up empty handed.

If it isn’t issues around the searching, it’s the fact that your ideal service provider has the availability of a barber after lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

There are a lot of factors to consider, such as the verification of providers, type of service and location.

It’s no surprise that finding an Occupational Health provider is headache-inducing…so what can you do about it?


  1. Niche it down

Not all Occupational Health providers are the same, and neither are the reasons for engaging with a provider.

Instead of casting the net so wide you’ll catch half of the ocean, you need to niche it down.

Practitioner type and service type are starting points.

You might be looking for a physiotherapist, for example, but you also need to consider location, accreditation and any evidence of their work or insurance processes.

Even if you aren’t necessarily sure what you/your organisation needs, the chances are, you’ll have a few pieces of information to start from.

One of the issues surrounding a search for an Occupational Health provider is generalisability – you have specific requirements, so you need a specialist, not a generalist.


  1.  Seek a clear line of communication

Even if you find your ideal Occupational Health provider, you want a clear line of communication rather than an endless back-and-forth.

This is particularly important during the enquiry and quote stages of seeking an Occupational Health provider – you’re likely to have a shortlist of options, which means the process will be more painless if it’s in an easy to compare format.

Your provider should give you transparent information on fees, be clear on confidentiality and their approach to recording information and their ability to deliver the services and the resources they need to complete them.

You wouldn’t jump on a date with someone who ghosted you for a month, so you shouldn’t seek services from a provider in a situation where communication becomes murky.

  1. Remember what should be on the agenda

From the initial search and shortlist to enquiries, quotes and selecting and booking a provider, you want to make sure you’re informed and aware of the process.

It’s no small feat, and you can feel like you’re jumping through enough hoops to change your job title to ‘circus performer’, but it’s the best method for getting what you or your organisation needs.

We’re no strangers to the frustrations of searching for Occupational Health providers.

We offer a free provider search to help businesses quickly and easily find providers, including information on their accreditation, insurance and examples of reports, with a full range of occupational health services that can be filtered by location.

This way, you can cover the entire process from search to booking on a platform that doesn’t give you a bad case of premature aging.


  1. Be prepared

In an ideal universe (if life were in fact, a Disney film), you’d find the right Occupational Health provider for you the first time without looking elsewhere.

For most businesses, however, the search process is likelier to include multiple providers.

Therefore, getting different quotes from several providers is the best course of action, alongside obtaining references where you can – remember, you want peace of mind that the provider you’ll receive services from is a good fit.

Part of the frustration with finding Occupational Health professionals is that you want to receive the highest possible standard, which can often result in a process longer than the UK’s departure from the European Union.

Be prepared for the process and what it entails, and you might find yourself a little less stressed.


  1. Appreciate the ‘why’

Look, we know what the process of finding Occupational Health professionals is like.

It’s why our platform was created in the first place!

But rather than scrolling through ten pages on Google, straining your eyes over Facebook reviews and throwing your laptop out of the window due to an email thread 30 messages long, remember the ‘why’.

Primarily, you’re seeking out these services to have a healthier, safer workforce.

That’s a great thing!

The outcome of your searching should (hopefully) far outweigh the annoyance of the searching, plus, it provides peace of mind.

It can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but finding a quality Occupational Health provider for your business can more than pay off in the end.

If you’d like to save time finding an Occupational Health provider for your business, we can help – our free provider search can make sure you have all of the necessary information without the arduous search process that usually comes with it.

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