Do you hear the term ‘industry memberships’, and instantly wince?

Perhaps you’re getting flashbacks of an empty wallet with nothing but frustration to show for it, with time lost and zero growth for your business, either.

Occupational Health providers are often met with a number of demands in order to successfully grow their business – marketing, searching for associates, prospecting clients, additional training…. the list goes on.

These frustrations are the backbone of Simply-People’s platform.


How did it start?

Simply-People’s founder, Danny Clarke, has spent the past 15 years working in various Occupational Health roles and businesses.

So, we guess you could say he’s no stranger to the frustrations and challenges of the industry!

The issue isn’t that there’s a lack of resources, communities and platforms out there, it’s the fact that you have to take the time to search through endless options only to realise that you can’t get everything under one roof.

Rather than taking all of that time finding half-baked solutions for eye-watering prices, Simply-People is meant to be the solution to the usual woes of Occupational Health.


In a nutshell

If you were asked to list the main frustrations you have as an Occupational Health provider, what would they be?

Would it look something like this?

  • Difficulty generating leads from prospective clients
  • Finding it hard to connect with other industry professionals across Occupational Health
  • Trouble locating current online events in the sector that are informative and interesting
  • Being out of pocket due to poor quality or insufficient training
  • Realising how painstakingly slow it is to grow a business in the industry

You aren’t alone.

Countless days, weeks and months are spent trying to juggle all of these demands at once, in a profession that is demanding just by itself.


So what can Simply-People do for you, as an Occupational Health provider?

We believe in the power of community.

It’s central to the platform and all that comes with it, as our personal and professional development is best nurtured by connection.

As part of our community, we offer a number of solutions to the dismal list we wrote above.


Generate new leads from prospective clients

You can’t dedicate the time, nor should you be expected to become a marketer overnight.

Occupational Health providers spend a lot of time (and money) on marketing and business development, and that isn’t a bad thing, it’s just excruciatingly slow and often reaps few rewards for the sweat and tears you put into it.

We provide qualified leads, straight to your inbox.

Primarily, we want to take the hassle out of growing your customer base by ensuring you only get high quality, relevant leads – without your wallet crying about it.


Expert advice

It can be hard finding other industry professionals and forming strong connections with them, particularly when considering the variety of providers out there.

Our platform provides professional networking events, forums and specialist groups, from Long Covid peer to peer clinician groups, to women’s health and neurodiversity groups.

Having a strong support network means that you have a UK wide community ready to help with any concerns you have.


Exclusive workshops

Keeping up to date with industry news and trending topics can be difficult, but our providers receive access to free workshops and networking events that are designed for just that.

Industry professionals and leading experts deliver practical, actionable advice to you and your team that can help accelerate your personal and professional development.


Job adverts

As a member of our community, you can reach your target audience by advertising jobs and receiving applications on our platform.

You can find the right candidates without having to dedicate hours upon hours to the advertising process, and instead grow your business in the meantime.


It’s all about you


It’s not a platform for us, it’s a platform built for Occupational Health providers, to engage with other Occupational Health providers (and find the best clients and professional development advice along the way).

We offer three levels of membership, all dependant on your needs.

All three tiers offer lead generation, events, live chat, forum access, networking events, directory listing and groups access.

Our Enterprise membership provides that in addition to workshops, bootcamps, private groups and the ability to advertise events and job adverts.

Whatever membership you have, the value of the community and connection remains the same.

Most importantly, Simply-People wants to raise awareness on how vital Occupational Health is to the mental and physical health, and wellbeing, of employees – no matter the discipline.


You can get early bird pricing by taking a few minutes to sign up now, and we hope to see you on our platform soon!



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